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"Lina is the BEST!"

(However, just in case you think her opinion is biased...see what others have to say):

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"Simply put, Lina is AWESOME! She sings, plays, and is a great actress. A Triple Threat performer. And a lovely person to boot!"  JM Torrance, CA

"Lina's voice and creative talent made my wedding reception a big hit! She was professional, fun, captivating and so easy to work with. Would highly recommend her for any event or occasion that has music needs. She is not just a musician she's a true artist!" Cindy - Los Angeles, CA

"Amazing talent and beautiful music from the heart. Our wedding guests said Lina's soothing voice and soft guitar brought tears to their eyes during our ceremony. Not only does she arouse your emotional senses, Lina's other performances I have seen shows off her quick-witted humor and comedic talent that is fun-loving and captivating, indeed. A charming all-around performer, with a great smile :)" Shoko A - Eugene, OR

"Lina is not only a talented guitarist (actually, she SHREDS!) with a lovely singing voice, she is also a uniquely talented improviser. She can talk to someone for a couple of seconds and make up a song about them on the spot. And be funny while she's singing and playing. She can make you cry from laughing so hard. I think she's the female Jack Black only way cuter and WAY better on the strings" Diana B - Long Beach, CA

"Lina has a special undoubtedly beautiful voice, which transends a large range of styles...our wedding day was enriched by her music and she helped create a memorable day for everyone who attended. We would recommend her for any occasion that you wish to look back on and smile!" Married in Long Beach, CA

"Lina sang and played guitar at my church wedding beautifully. She has an amazing voice. She is also extremely organized, patient and professional. Very important things to have in a vendor when you are planning an important event. For my reception she changed into an approporiate cocktail dress and sang with a jazz quartet. It was wonderful. I would recommend her in a heartbeat." Jodi - Downey, CA

"Lina did an EXCELLENT job for my wedding! She helped out a lot when we couldn't decide what kind of music we wanted at our wedding - very accomodating and such an amazing voice! Highly Recommend!" Michelle P - Bellflower CA

"Excellent musician (guitarist and vocalist) as well as entertainer. Lina's voice reminds me of Norah Jones... but she does it on a guitar. Thanks for the inspiration." Jou Jou - Santa Monica, CA

"Lina is amazing.... Her voice is angelic. She sang at my wedding and for my son's Baptism. Our guest were very impressed. Lina is not only talented she is also a sweetheart!" Roberto - Bellflower, CA

"Lina played four songs at my wedding. Two of which she had to learn in a very short time. She helped make it a day I will always remember. She has a soothing quality to her voice, which was great on such a hectic day. I love her original song "You've Always Got My Back". I keep looking for her on iTunes so I can download her music...get on there Lina!" E & J - Laguna Beach, CA

"Wow, simply WOW. Lina's great gift of music brought together this diverse family to dance and sing. Her personality, sense of humor, and great smile, won all our hearts. I couldn't believe this abundant talent was in my backyard! Not only is her voice AMAZING, but she can ROCK on that guitar. I've never seen a female play that well. She's extremely generous in giving of her time and talent, and worked within our budget, even though she was already reasonably priced. Thank you Lina for your are on our definite re-hire list." Matthew - Lakewood, CA

"We hired Lina through the church for our mother's funeral. Her angelic voice brought tears to nearly all who attended. Her spirit shines through this amazing God given gift. And her melodic playing on that guitar along side her incredible voice was just the quintessential memory to hold in all our hearts, as she blends the two in beautiful harmony. I'm sure mom cried & rejoiced in heaven. thank you." John - Pico Rivera, CA

"I have been in lina's choir for a few years now and its so fun! i dont think i have ever had that much fun at church. Every week she has someething new to make us laugh and something to make us smile. Even when i dont feel like doing anything, when i go to church and sing with lina and the gang (lol) i feel so alive...I walk out of church grooving to whatever song we sang and i cant wait till the next week.
lina is a great person with and amazing voice and mad guitar skills. she always makes everyone around her laugh. she is all around AMAZING!
i love you lina" Elisa - Downey, CA
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